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Become one of the players in the game Hex Commander Fantasy Heroes. There is a war going on, in which humans, orcs, goblins, and other creatures take part. Build the strongest army possible. Participate in one of four interesting companies, together with your people defeat strong and worthy opponents. You have a huge choice of warriors at your disposal, control infantry, cavalry, draw mages, control powerful weapons, draw elven archers to your team, or dwarf shooters. If you choose to play as a human, you will fulfill the role of an experienced paladin. You have been sent by the Emperor to see if it is true that goblins are active near the human settlement. The humans are on the brink of war, who will make the first move. Who better to make an alliance with in order to attract more forces to your side and defeat the green-skinned enemies. If you choose to fight for the elves. Your role is Arcain, commander of the elven archer squad. Your task is to seek out a wise druid named Sylvia, in his power to control the forces of nature. Fate will confront you with a powerful goblin shaman. Choose orcs and goblins as allies, then you will be a goblin named Vulpis. He is able to create illusions and control a dragon named Ildus. Your people are forced to find a new home as an unknown spring fills your settlements with water. You will meet the orc warrior Guarg. The last campaign will take you to the kingdom of the dwarves, you will face a strong enemy. Together with three characters you will find yourself in the epicenter of a decisive battle, your task is to stop the spread of dark forces throughout the world.

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