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Hustle Castle is a mobile strategy game where you have to build your own castle. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

Each room that you build will have its own purpose. The dining room will allow your residents to create food (a resource used to start a battle), in the treasury, your troops will work to create gold (indispensable for creating new rooms), etc. Each number can be upgraded to increase its capacity. All available creations and upgrades depend on the level of your throne room. The Throne Room is the central room of your castle, which determines your level and building capabilities. In addition to rebuilding your castle, you will have to take care of your people. Indeed, their mood directly affects your resource bonuses, so it's important to keep them in good spirits. In addition, you can reproduce your best inhabitants to get new ones. In addition to rebuilding your castle, your adventures will take you to the four corners of the Hustle Castle world to destroy your enemies and get closer to Princess Olivia. Each stage of this journey corresponds in more or less challenging PvE battles. The battles are in automatic mode, but still allow you to intervene with spells you've created. When you defeat the enemy team, you will be rewarded with a chest and other well-deserved rewards (weapons, armor, resources). Again very classic in its approach, Hustle Castle can be frustrating at times because your intervention in combat is minimal. Our opinion of Hustle Castle is unfortunately tarnished by the PvP side of the game. Indeed, whether it's an arena or a clan battle, you'll have plenty of opportunities to fight opponents from all over the world. Then again, sometimes you get frustrated when you get overpowered by weaker opponents. The joys of Pay-to-Win are indeed present in Hustle Castle. For a small fee, you'll have the opportunity to speed up construction and get lots of rewards. Equipping your fighters is just as important in the game.

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