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Jungle Heat is a strategy game with the aim of building a city, which you need to defend and also to attack other people's cities. You can buy accounts of the game on our website.

Jungle Heat is to build a base on which you can mine tons of resources (gold and oil), as well as protect the command center from enemy attacks. When you're not under cover of protection, your base is constantly accessible to other players who can simply walk in and strike. If they succeed in destroying the command center, the battle is in their hands. However, other serious damage can be just as devastating. As in other games, everything in Jungle Heat is done in real time. If it takes two hours to build or repair a structure, you will either have to wait two hours or pay diamonds (premium currency) to finish building it. When you are not reinforcing your defenses, you can assemble an army of dozens of troops and several classes. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you need to know how best to use them to succeed. The single-player mode is great for improving strategy, not explicitly mentioning how to approach a level. Each stage has a base that is harder to destroy, and that smashes your troops a little better. Although the difficulty increases too quickly, the three-star rating system and linear map is a nice touch that somewhat makes up for the lack of guidance.

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