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The game League of Angels Origins gives you again the opportunity to save the world and earn glory. The game is made in the traditional genre. You have three main classes to choose from. Ahead of you are waiting for exciting quests. In the game League of Angels Origins you will be accompanied by beautiful girls with cool figures. Complete quests and earn well-deserved rewards - gold, experience, and other bonuses. Defeat your enemies, fight huge bugs, cruel dragons and other evil things. Don't be afraid that your enemies outnumber you in size, your bravery and courage will help you overcome them. League of Angels Origins has developed social functions and a clan system. Angels call on you to fight on their side against the forces of evil. League of Angels Origins features high-quality graphics, a complex and interesting storyline, and unique battles right in the vastness of the sky. Excellent character detail, beautiful three-dimensional locations, exciting special effects. Explore the bright fantasy world of League of Angels Origins. You are available to 3 classes. Each class has different strengths and special characteristics. You can play in the body of a man or a woman. Set the speed and height of your character. The forces of darkness and light will once again clash in battle. Who will prevail this time?

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