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Marvel Puzzle Quest is a mobile three-in-a-row puzzle game. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

Anyone who has played any mathc 3 game app in the Puzzle Quest series from D3publisher will think they know what to expect when playing this version of this successful series dedicated to Marvel superheroes, but that's not true.

As you go through the initial single-player quest, you'll unlock various major heroes, as well as new abilities for the existing superhero team. A simple reward system will delight you after each successful mission with new abilities, heroes, hero points, and much sought-after crystals that will allow you to level up your heroes. If your heroes take damage or lose all their health points during a mission, you'll have to wait for them to heal. The medkits can instantly heal your heroes, but they're hard to get, and you'll quickly burn them out over a long game session.
The real fun begins when you start playing online. Here you'll battle select teams of players from around the world.

Here you can find the best rewards, and in different tournaments, each with interesting constraints or storylines, you'll fight for the top prize: usually a powerful rare hero that's very hard to get.

Of course, you can spend real money in this game to buy crystals to level up your heroes, or buy hero points that help you increase your team size and unlock more powerful and rare heroes.

The tournaments and multiplayer aspect of the game really elevate this game above other three-in-a-row games and will keep you coming back to see where you ended up in the global rankings. The world's biggest Marvel fans will love the story written specifically for the game.

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