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We all know the cartoon Pokémon and if you love it, the game POCKETOWN is for you. It is in free access and it turns out that you do not need to pay money to enter the game.

In the world of POCKETOWN, you will meet a huge number of Pokémon that live in this world. Your main task in the game is to explore the virtual world of POCKETOWN, complete quests, catch pokemon and so on.

In the game of POCKETOWN, you have to prove to everyone that you, are the best pokemon catcher. You have to assemble the coolest team and improve it. You can challenge the real players from all over the world and fight with them in real time on the arena, but to participate in the battles with other players, you need to have a good level and cool pokemon, and many users don't want to level up their account from the very beginning, because they are too lazy. Some players, on the contrary, really want to play, but they do not have time to pump their account. Our service is ready to help people who are lazy, or who do not have time to pump their account. We offer you a POCKETOWN account pimping service. While you go about your business, we will pump your account and when it's ready, you can pick it up.

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