Buy or sell R2Farming account with guarantor services.

R2Farming is a simple MMORPG where you don't have to perform tedious tasks and kill 100 monsters per quest.

Once you enter the game, you need to choose the class you will play as. You can become:

- Knight.

- Assassin

- Ranger

- Summoner

- Mage

There are three main characteristics in the game.

Strength - this characteristic affects your amount of health and health regeneration.

Dexterity - this characteristic is responsible for your attack speed and your attack dodging.

Intelligence - this characteristic is responsible for your mana and its recovery.

In addition, the game has an auction and any player above level 25 can put their items there, but why wait for their level 25, when you can put them much earlier on our website. We have a free bulletin board and there you can post your ad that you've decided to sell or buy R2Farming game items.

Players very often make transactions in R2Farming and do not use a guarantor and because of this, they fall for the tricks of scammers. For example, a user has decided to buy a R2Farming character and does not use a guarantor. He negotiated a deal with the person who sells the character and they start doing it. One transfers the money for the character and the other transfers the data from him and it seems to be all, the deal is done and everyone is happy, but in fact - it is not. The account will be blocked and the person will go to the seller to write about it, but will not have time, because he will throw him in the black list. This will not happen with the guarantor, as the guarantor carefully evaluates and reviews all of the accounts, and the guarantor checks all users. If the seller or the buyer turns out to be a malefactor or the account has negative flaws, you will know about it at once.

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