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We present you the game Super Spell Heroes. Dive into the world of magic with wizards and the forces of the elements. Take part in colorful duels in real time. Use powerful spells, and engage in combat with other players in the puzzle game Super Spell Heroes. Succeed and become a true star of Super Spell Heroes and the world of magic. Advance in the game and travel through different worlds of magic and pump yourself up. Your heroes you can equip with spells that help you succeed. Be always ready, because the battle can start at any second. Your task is to make your way among the enemies all the way to the top. Use magic and combine the elements in a battle of mages and wizards. Think and make the right decisions. Become a legend in battle, use fierce and hard attacks, also do not forget about defense, use spells, do not forget that there is also a spell for healing. Earn valuable rewards and engage in duels with other players around the world. Move around and unlock brave heroes. Complete heroes' quests and take them into battle.

Earn the title - a legend of magic, for this intelligently select for each of your heroes spells that will serve him well. Collect spells, collect them, improve them, and make up a powerful deck that can defeat all enemies. Defeat bosses and other wizards in the game Super Spell Heroes.

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