Trading accounts and virtual valuables The last knight.

The last knight is a mobile game in the MMORPG genre. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

In The last knight game, the world of Avalon suffers from incessant winter. So it is not surprising that one of the new game's features is a status called Exposure. Each time you are exposed, you place a red marker over your health marker, effectively reducing your health by one each time. Because you can only get rid of the Exposure marker in certain places, travel has become a little more dangerous. Likewise, travel has undergone significant changes. Menhir Grind was one of the biggest complaints about the Fall of Avalon campaign, and to show us that they were listening to feedback, AR made some changes. Even some pretty radical changes where you don't have to deal with menhirs for most of the first half of the campaign.

Sure, the menhir statues are still present, but you can't activate them. Instead, they have become magical hotspots where you can collect magic.

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