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Westland Survival is a game for those who miss playing western-style games in the Wild West. The game returns lawless times in the gameplay which combines cowboys, shooting, gathering, building a base and much more, which is close to the genre of mobile MMORPG. You can buy or buy accounts of the game on our website.

Westland Survival - mobile MMORPG for smartphones on Android and iOS, with elements of adventure games. It has the classic mechanics of mopping up dungeons, but instead of different mutant monsters, which are the norm for the genre, they are filled with gangsters armed with rifles and other weapons. The game also has elements of collecting, building, crafting, taming animals and similar features that are standard for the genre of mobile games. All of these gameplay conventions are well connected and do not stand out among themselves.

The game is available for download in the app stores of modern mobile systems. The game already has more than 5 million players, who have praised the quality of the project.

Westland Survival perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Wild West. The sand, dusty dunes, the sounds of gunshots and the clatter of horseshoes quickly make players feel like a cowboy. The story is about a local bandit who decides to help the residents of the local town with their problems. In gratitude, the local sheriff offers him the position of assistant and then the exciting events begin.

The game has a wide system of skills that you can unlock and use to your advantage. There is an auto mode, when activated, your character begins to collect resources without the player's involvement. These resources are needed to build your own city, of which you are the mayor. Your goal is to develop a small camp into a real popular metropolis of the time. Accounts with a developed city and lots of resources
You can build various buildings, craft weapons, hunt and fish, collect various animal skins and furs.

The atmosphere of the game is perfectly combined with smooth models, beautiful textures and very bright colors. The game looks like a fantasy MMORPG. This gives the game an old, rustic Western look and makes it more affordable for inexpensive phones. But despite the good graphics, the game does not particularly burden the iron of smartphones, so it can be played even on the weakest devices.

This game is free, and all of its features are available without any purchases for real money. It relies on microtransactions solely to speed up gameplay progress, but because it's an MMORPG, players who donate will make progress in a shorter time.

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Trading on the site is done directly between players, so there is a chance that you may have to wait a while before you make a deal on the transfer of your Westland Survival account. To do this, you need to register and start discussing the most favorable conditions for the sale or purchase of the item you are interested in. After that, you will have a choice of autoselling or selling through a guarantor.