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Buying, selling Xbox Live Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X/S XS game accounts.

Xbox Live Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X/S XS are subscriptions to play on Xbox consoles. You can buy accounts for this game on our website.

Xbox Live Gold status is available as a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month in the U.S. and more than 40 additional territories. It is also available as upfront payments to save at the regular monthly rate of $24.99 for three months and $39.99 for six months. Xbox Live Gold is available through a 12-month prepaid subscription for $59.99 through third-party retailers. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription includes Xbox Live Gold, as well as Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PCs, cloud gaming on mobile devices and other perks such as EA Play. Xbox consoles have required an Xbox Live Gold membership from the beginning to access online multiplayer, but changes made in April of this year remove that mandate for free-to-play games. You no longer have to pay a monthly fee for many popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, to name a few. While all paid Xbox games still require Xbox Live Gold status, zero-cost games are now completely free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

On this site, visitors have the option to purchase accounts of interest. In this section of the site, users will be provided with account options for purchasing Xbox Live Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X/S XS subscriptions. You can do this in a single click, or you can do it with a secure transaction involving a guarantor to help make the transaction safe.

You can sell your Xbox Live Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X/S XS account by creating a bid on this subscription. After that, a slot with your offer will appear on the site and you will have to wait for someone willing to buy your account to show up. You can do it in one click, or you can do it with the help of a deal involving a guarantor, which will help to conduct the transaction safely.

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