Sell account Battle Legion High level artifacts

Almost all units are level 8 or higher. A large number of elixirs are available. High level artifacts. Also available change nickname.
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Battle Legion is a mobile game developed by Traplight, available on Android and iOS.

Battle Legion is a mobile game in the genre of large-scale PVP battles 100 on 100, which take place in automatic mode. In the game you take on the role of the commander of the army of his troops, the progress of battles, as progresses and your legion.

Also, you can create and fine-tune your own personal army of dozens of units, the arsenal of units includes warriors, mythical creatures, wizards and many other units of a particular race and status. Among the features of the game at the disposal of the player has: the player can configure the location of his army to enter the battle, the legion player can fight in automatic mode, you can choose the appearance of their units in units, strengthen their units to conduct strategic battles in PVP battles, with seasonal features you can strengthen your characters.

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