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The Romance Club is a well-known mobile game in the visual novel genre. The game consists of a series of plots, the development of the events of which depends on the player's choice.

The game became incredibly popular, as it was talked about everywhere: videos, memes, ads on social networks and other sites. Gameplay consists of watching story cutscenes, in which the player is gradually introduced. At certain points, there will be gameplay segments describing the options for subsequent actions of the controlled character. There can be at least two such actions or responses. The screen will detail exactly what the character can say or do. Each choice changes the subsequent events, which positively affects the replayability. To see all possible options for the plot, you will have to pass the same level more than three times at least. You can buy or sell an account of the game on this site.

As you can understand from the name of the game, the main theme of plots - romance. Because of this, most of the player indirectly chooses which of the characters to have a relationship with. There are stories that are far from love theme, but they are much less. In general, there are more than a few dozen such stories.

The developers of the game have taken care that the players enjoyed the picture when passing. Artist painted it, has a single memorable style that distinguishes the project from competitors. Some moments of the passage can be printed out and hung on the wall instead of the picture - so beautifully they are made.

The game is distributed on a free system, but to start the game requires a special game currency, which is spent for the beginning of each gameplay. Therefore, the player will be in a framework that will not allow him to pass in one go the entire game with all the options for the development of the plot. This currency is automatically added to the player's account every day, if it has been spent before. You can increase the amount of currency by watching ads, as in all free games. There is also a system of donations, ie, buying in-game currency for real.

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