Trading Frostborn accounts and virtual valuables.

Frostborn is an isometric third-person, Viking-style mobile survival game. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

The player has a central base area, which serves as a land plot for the character base. Frostborn: Coop Survival is about a hero who saves the world from the wrath of Hel, the Norse goddess of death. The game deviates from the formulaic chosen storyline by adding more than one chosen one. Since this is an open-world game, all other players you may encounter are immortal. As immortals, they can fight against the goddess Hel without worrying about dying. Each time they are killed by Hel or one of her minions, they instantly come back to life.

The story begins with the disappearance of all the Norse gods except the goddess of death. The game does not say how long the gods have been gone, but by the time the player arrives, they are gone. Enough time has passed for all the Norse to unite to survive without their gods. This proved difficult, though, as Hel's magic corrupted all the rivers and her zombie-like creatures ravaged the land.

You have the opportunity to buy Frostborn accounts in this section. Pay attention to the provided accounts for sale on the site. You just need to go to your chosen offer to sell your account. Once you have done this, a dialog box will appear, which you will need to decide whether or not you want to transfer the goods.

To sell your Frostborn character, create a page in a specific section. The sale takes place through the site, but the buyers are other users. It is for this reason that the sale can last an unknown amount of time.

There is a guarantor service, whose job is to create a favorable environment when discussing the sale. If you trust the seller, it is possible to directly transfer the account. For this reason, you can not worry about the safety of funds.