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Gardenscapes is a mobile game in the "Three in a Row" genre, with construction elements. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

Three-in-a-row games are a fashionable type of games, which is gaining more and more popularity among the players of the mobile games market with time. Mainly for its simplicity. In Gardenscapes, not only do you play the usual three-in-a-row levels, but you also update and remodel the backyard of Austin's villa. When you start the game, it will show you a short animated video that tells you a short story about Austin. It will then introduce you to the mechanics of the game.

By clearing a level, you get the star you need to complete the tasks that Austin comes up with. These can range from planting flowers to building a tree house to taking out the trash. The garden you will be renovating is also not so small, as it is divided into several areas that you discover over time. In each area, you can decide what materials, types and structures (fountains, plants, fences) you want to use to make it look new again. However, you can't add new things to the garden.

Gardenscapes follows the standard rules and mechanics of the three-in-a-row genre of games, so you have to collect 3 identical blocks in a row to "pop out." If you can match four or more of the same blocks, you can get bonuses such as missiles, bombs, TNT or rainbow explosions.

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