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Infinity kingdom is a mobile MMO game in a fantasy setting. You can buy or sell accounts of the game on our website.

Immortals are significant characters from the history of mankind. Different rulers, commanders and other significant persons of our world.

After you have summoned an Immortal, you can improve it by spending more shards. In addition, you can level them up with experience and improve them by collecting rune pieces. Players can also equip their Immortals with four different pieces of upgradable equipment. The game depicts the Immortals in a cartoonish 3D style, each with their own unique animation and voiceover. This same graphic style is present throughout, and the result is a visually pleasing game.

In Infinity Kingdom, battles take place in two different ways. When you attack dwarves on the world map or attack other players' cities, the whole process is automated. Your army comes out, a short animation of the battle appears, and then the game tells you who won. When you fight in the Time Well, the game approaches the ground level and you can watch your forces collide with the enemy. The process is still mostly automated, except that you can use the immortals' special abilities by clicking their portrait.

In Infinity Kingdom, you need a strong city to effectively wage war. There are many buildings to build and improve. Farms provide food, and a hospital treats wounded soldiers. Each improvement takes time, and although the first ones are quick, it takes more and more time to improve the building as you level it up. You can use accelerators to finish a building instantly, but they are hard to come by. Since you can only improve one building at a time, your base will constantly be in the process of building. You can log in several times a day to continue building. You can buy Infinity kingdom accounts with an advanced base on our website.

In addition to building, Infinity Kingdom always makes sure you have a goal to strive for. There are daily missions, weekly missions, and chapter missions. These include training a certain number of troops, completing building improvements, or killing dwarves on the map. You can also breed and train dragons, send your ship to trade overseas, and shop in the marketplace. As you level up your castle, new opportunities will open up, such as conducting research in the academy or fighting other players in the arena. You can also join a guild, which unlocks new rewards and allows you to ask other guild members to help improve your buildings.

Infinity Kingdom offers a host of in-game rewards. You get rewards for completing missions, for winning battles, for logging in, and just for being online. These include various resources, boosts, battle buffs, experience bonuses, and gems that you can use on the market.

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Trading on the platform is between users, not between the site and the user. This is the reason for waiting a certain amount of time until the seller is approached about the transfer of an Infinity kingdom account. This will be discussed at the time of the account transfer decision. In case of trust in the seller, it is possible to conduct an autosale.