Sell account Kung Fu Legend Labe, rank Shock. 5 nage - 28 4 nage - 49

Labe, rank Shock. 5 Neig - 28 4 neig - 49 Entranced - 18 Vostanka - 18 All aces 144 4 style - 7-8 8 well moves Staff of Pursuit of Souls Vajras blazheva 4-5 Rider, cycle - 4, Helmot full
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Kung Fu Legend - A mobile game developed by Spark Game, Kung Fu Legend is available on mobile devices on the Android platform. Also, you can buy or sell Kung Fu Legend account on our website in this section.

Kung Fu Legend - mobile game with isometric view in the Fantasy MMORPG genre. In the game you will fight with monsters with subsequent transformation into their pets or horses, as well as you can right in the game to play an unforgettable wedding with his girlfriend.
There are 7 professions in the game, you don't have to pay money for any of them, all of them are open from the beginning, you choose and play. Unite in cooperative mode with other players to challenge powerful enemies and bosses of the game world for truly generous rewards, or vice versa, fight with players from all over the world for the right to be the best of the best in this universe.

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