CLOSED2580% crit

Trainer 20
Jay 20
Elementalist 2
Trickster 12
Gadget 6
Snowflake 13
Zeus 1

Cold Mage 4 talents
Hunter 3 talents
Priestess 3 talents
Sharpshooter 1 talents
Reaper 3 talents
Boreas 2 talents
Meteor 1 talents



Important! Found a current ad, but don't know what to do next? 1. Press start the deal, if you need to, sign up. 2. You create a transaction, the other party will receive notification of the transaction. 3. After the second party accepts the deal, you get a notification of acceptance, when the deal is confirmed, both parties can top it up. In addition, you can always invite the guarantor to the deal by the button to open a dispute.

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