3500+% crit

Trainer 20 Jay 20 Elementalist 3 Trickster 20 Gadget 19 Snowflake 20 Zeus 4
offline on website 1 year

2580% crit

Trainer 20 Jay 20 Elementalist 2 Trickster 12 Gadget 6 Snowflake 13 Zeus 1 Cold Mage 4 talents Hunter 3 talents Priestess 3 talents Sharpshooter 1 talents Reaper 3 talents Boreas 2 talents
offline on website 1 year

2633% crit

Trainer 20 Jay 15 Elementalist 2 Trickster 9 Gadget 6 Snowflake 5 Hunter 3 talents Magic Cauldron 3 talents Reaper 2 talents Boreas 1 talents
offline on website 1 year

Buying 3200+ crit Rush Royale account

Looking for Rush Royale account with 3k+ critical (willing to do a bit less crit if it has high level necro) Needs to have: 15+ Gadget 15+ Snowflake 10+ Necro Those are the minimum I am
offline on website 6 months

Trading Rash Royale accounts and virtual valuables.

Rush Royale is a game in the Tower Defense genre with elements of fantasy, strategy and map collecting. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

In gameplay, you deploy a number of heroes, including warriors, archers, and mages, in an attempt to contain waves of vicious monsters. There are two modes, both multiplayer. Cooperative play allows you to work with another player, while in PvP you try to destroy them. As you play, you accumulate mana, which you can spend on strengthening your ranks, recruiting new troops, and consolidating your units on the battlefield. Unit placement is important if you have cards such as Engineer and Banner, which enhance neighboring units with their abilities. Using these cards for as many units as possible should be a priority, so if you run them, you should always try to expect that the units you summon or combine will always bring the right options. The game randomly assigns a boss that will appear in a few minutes. This gives players enough time to prepare their board for a possible threat, assuming that neither of the two players lose before it happens. Each boss has different abilities. It is important that the player understands all of the boss abilities so that he can prepare his board in such a way as to counter the effects of the boss before they even arrive in battle.

There is an option to purchase Rush Royale accounts, which are sold in the appropriate section. Find an option that suits you and analyze the offer. After contacting the seller, you will be able to decide on the most favorable way of the deal.

To sell your Rush Royale account, create a page in a specific section. The sale takes place through the site, but the buyers are other users. For this reason, the sale can last an unknown amount of time.

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