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37 Legos and over 170 epics in the vault 7k + energy and 1k gems Gem mine is a 3/3 Doom Tower, completed on all spins, and on the farm Arena - Gold V going Platinum Boss clan is currently at
offline on website 7 months

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Shadows of the Peak - A mobile game developed by palmjoy. The game is available for download on Android mobile devices. You can buy or sell an account for the game Shadow of the Peak on our website in this section.

Shadows of the Peak is a mobile game that is based on the Naruto anime. The game is a regular gacha, in which you will need to do the usual turn-based battles with your Ninja to get rewards and unlock new characters. Battles are fast, there are no special difficulties, the main thing is to raise the level of your characters and strengthen the equipment of your squad.

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