Trading accounts and virtual values Battle of the Titans.

The protagonist of the epic confrontation enters the most terrifying arena to fight the strongest and most vicious opponents. However, before entering the ring, it is recommended to get acquainted with the characteristics of the enemy. The game will lose all meaning if the health, strength and defense significantly exceeds the performance of the protagonist.

The winner takes away a large number of bonuses and gifts from the developers of the mobile game. First and foremost, experience points are awarded, which will help unlock more skillful characters. A virtual cash reward is also awarded, which can be spent on purchasing additional equipment.

At the beginning of the game is allowed to take part in a one-on-one battle. To win the round will need to pass five opponents. Upon reaching level 50, the player can take part in team competitions. The game delights not only the main characters, but also the locations for the battlefield. In order not to get bored in the process of each passing, the developers issue individual tasks for each player with a virtual cash reward.

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