Buy or sell War Planet account with the help of a guarantor.

War Planet is a military strategy game for cell phones. The game is available for free. That is, you do not need to spend finances to play the game. It is enough to have a phone or phone emulator and access to the Internet.

In War Planet you can become a true leader and be able to create your own army of different tanks and planes. Naturally, if you have good strategic skills, you will pump up not such a difficult problem, although many people, the name of a good tactical skills, quit the game because they do not want to pump your profile in the game. For such users we have invented a service called War Planet account progression. The point of pumping is simple - you give us control of your account and we pump it. While you're at school, at work, or just busy running errands, we'll pump your account. That way, in a few days, you'll have a cool account to spend some quality time with.

Also, War Planet has clans. If you want to join a Russian-speaking clan, then we advise you to visit our forum. There you can not only find a guild, but also find friends for the game War Planet, talk about the game, find out some tricks from more experienced players and so on.

Very often, War Planet users make deals. Someone decides to sell an account and someone on the contrary, wants to buy a pimped account. But all the people who do such deals forget about one thing - security. Security is a very important thing in Internet, because our world is full of swindlers and scammers who are ready to take advantage of harmless users. To avoid becoming another victim of a scammer, you need to use War Planet's guarantor services. War Planet guarantor service is the first step to your safety. The guarantor is the rock upon which you can rest easy and not be afraid of being scammed at any time. The Guarantor checks all users for fraud. If a user is a fraudster or has been involved in fraud, he will immediately fly to the blacklist, and you will immediately know about it. It's the same with bad accounts and funds. So you don't have to worry, all your transactions in War Planet will be safe, high quality and fast!

With War Planet's guarantor services, you can also create your own little business of selling accounts. If you love playing War Planet and you are willing to pump your accounts every day, then feel free to create your own business with our guarantor services and that way you will have extra income, which will be honest and safe!