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Albion Online is a sandy MMORPG that is distributed in the Buy-to-Play genre. The game was created by a well-known company called Sandbox Interactive.

Albion Online game is one of the best MMORPG where you can do everything. Fight with your allies against other players. Equip yourself in a campaign, gather your friends and go to the war field. In addition, all the things you create yourself and things are not tied to a certain class, that is, you can be a mage in heavy armor or a warrior in light, it all depends on your taste and originality. The more your conquests, the better protected your possessions and the more space you have to build different buildings. You also need to fight various monsters, because they drop useful resources for building buildings and so on. Be sure to arm yourself before hunting monsters. In addition, all the resources you can sell for real money on the website garantmarket. Just go to our free bulletin board and write about selling stuff on the game Albion Online and be sure to make a deal with a guarantor, because there are a lot of scammers on the internet who want to get your accounts or money.

If you are tired of fighting, but still want to help your allies? Then develop your farm, grow different plants and animals and then supply your clan with different products, while they fight or sell them on the market to other players. Also, you can sell not only products, but also different materials for armor.

Build your huge house and decorate it. Put comfortable beds, table, chair and so on. You can also furnish your house with various trophies from the hunt. There are about 50 buildings to choose from and you can create an incredible city from an ordinary piece of land, and you will become the real owner of a prosperous town. Also, you can develop your city and then sell your Albion Online account to another player and make good money.

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