Trading accounts and virtual values Dawn Of Zombies: Survival.

Dawn Of Zombies: Survival DOZ is a mobile survival game with zombie apocalypse stylistics. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

Syrvival horror has great potential when it comes to gaming and entertainment, especially if we add zombies to the mix. But because it's a widely popular genre among players, there are plenty of survival simulators out there. In the world of Dawn Of Zombies: Survival DOZ, everything becomes dangerous, even other people who have survived the local apocalypse. The new world in which the game's characters live is called The Last Territories. You must fight disease, radiation, famine, zombies, mutants, or other people to survive. Humanity dies - the dead are resurrected.

The game has many mechanics that must be taught to the new player so that he can have a proper gaming experience. However, the training is not very long, so the player becomes familiar with more and more mechanics over time as he discovers new areas or tools.

Most of the time you will follow the story mode, which contains hundreds of quests and notes and consistently takes you into many new areas of the game. You will also meet many new characters who will guide you throughout the story.

To get to the map to visit other settlements and regions, we have to face the fog that surrounds our shelter. There are two ways to get to another location: running or walking. Running is much faster than walking, but it requires energy, which must be restored by taking food or by being near the shelter. When a character is low on energy, a step is still available to him, but he must wait a while to do so.

The path to the conditional warehouse takes 20 minutes and 29 seconds. Running takes no more than 10 seconds. From these values you can come up with a better idea of movement.
Dawn of Zombies mainly focuses on looting territories to get the necessary equipment, or killing zombies to get their loot. In each mission the player completes or region they visit, players can find different loot (at different levels) that can be taken to the base. Unfortunately, the character has a small inventory, so it is not possible to shell an entire city in one go.

Note: if there are zombies or other enemies nearby when you start looting something, they will come after you. So it's worth clearing the area first.
This is also the point at which you need to create new pieces to carry more items. Also, by collecting enough resources, we can create items that allow us to open things that we could not open without the right tool. For example, to open wooden doors or closets, we need to make an axe.

When you return to the shelter, it is advisable to create some chests to store loot and equipment, since gathering resources and upgrading your equipment is the main task, in addition to completing missions from other NPCs. By killing mutants or zombies, you also raise your level, which gives you access to better equipment that you can build.

In DoZ, we can unlock different levels of loot by reaching certain levels. After reaching these levels, the crates we looted earlier now contain some additional higher-level equipment.

To make it a little more convenient, the developers added an "auto" feature. By turning on the automatic mode, our character starts collecting items by himself and even automatically fights the approaching enemies.

By the way, every time you use one of your tools or weapons, it loses its strength. If a tool has some durability left, you can destroy it or put it in a chest to be repaired later. When we go through quests, we can get much better gear, which you should definitely put in the chest, as they are more effective and rare than normal items.

Over time, as we level up and get better gear, the quests get harder. Overall, the game does a great job, so it doesn't get boring at all.

There are many opportunities to spend money on Dawn of Zombies. If we go to the store, we can choose packages from eight different categories: offers, best, limited, arsenal, repairs, vehicles, resources and gold. In each of these categories we can choose from several packages with different add-ons.

You can buy Dawn Of Zombies: Survival DOZ accounts based on the options offered on the site. All you have to do is go to the account offer of your choice. From this point on, you will be able to correspond with the seller.

To sell Dawn Of Zombies: Survival DOZ accounts, create a page in a specific section. The sale takes place through the site, but the buyers are other users. For this reason, the sale may last an unknown amount of time.

If you trust the seller, there is the possibility of direct transfer of the account. For this reason, you can not worry about the safety of funds.